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8/17 bird run

A pair of dux! Ducklings, to be precise, one sitting on the other as though the other was a stepstool. The pic is blurry because I was too close...I wish I had a way to capture the tiny little peeping noises they make. Duck sounds are a special weakness I have :)


bird run for 8-10

Only had a little blue jay today...not hurt, just lost. The pic is blurry because I was too close, but I love the pointy beak and the beginnings of the crest on his head.


August 3rd

I forgot my camera today and so have no pics of my 2 charges :( I had a baby swift, who was silent the whole way, peeking at us with little black-button eyes when we opened his box. Once he was placed in with another swift and some sparrows, -open sesame- and he was cheeping away for food just like the rest :) The other bird was either an adult or young but fully adult-feathered white winged dove...no visible injuries, just some missing feathers. I'd guess it bonked into something and got stunned. It spent most of the trip to Rogers trying to knock the box lid off, so I had to keep my hand on it.

As I was arriving, there was a flock? flotilla? profusion of peafowl outside the fence. None with long tails but plenty of males, as indicated by the brilliant jeweltones. Peacocks are just gorgeous birds...yes, even the hens :) As I was leaving, a turtle about the size of a dinner plate was scooching across the road for all he was worth, so I stopped and waited. He stopped right at the edge, so I got out and scooted him on off into the brush so no one would come along and clip him. He had dried duckweed on his shell, so I know he had been in the pond at Rogers, but he went into and stayed in his shell when I approached, so I am not sure what kind he was. They've had trouble with snappers mauling some of the ducks and geese, but I can't see a snapper hiding in his shell, so I don't know...

The little green heron from 2 weeks ago? Little ball of grey-olive fluff? Has almost all his feathers now with just a bit of fuzz left on his head. Kids these days grow up so fast...

Bird run for the 20th

I picked up a juvenile grackle who did not photograph well, he turned out blurry...he was not injured, just young and not fending for himself yet, and he squacked the whole way from East Lake to Rogers...me being me, I was compelled to squack back, so we had a nice half hour conversation.
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Woodpeckers have a tongue...I had no idea!

Apparently it kind of wraps around their head and can go out quite a ways. Freaky.


July the 13th...hot and humid :(

Today was nasty hot, so it's full-on summer for sure. Would be surprised if it did not hit 100 today. There's a coffee shop next to East Lake that carries Dublin Dr. Pepper so that put a little dent in the heat for me. There were 2 birds today, a juvie pigeon and a baby bluejay.
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July the 6th

Two boxes at East Lake, one big and one small:

A little mourning dove, unharmed

A juvenile pigeon (see the little yellow fuzzies still on the head?) that turned out to be injured behind the head, there was a gash in the skin under the feathers that was too old to stitch, so we medicated it and will keep him til it heals.

Some other shots round the place at Rogers:

There's a surfeit of screech owls just now.

Juvenile hawk shunning me *shuuunnnn* When they hunt on their own in the flight cage, they're ready for release.

Remember this guy from June 15th? He looks a lot better now.

And something I have never seen before, a baby roadrunner!

6-22 bird run

Two boxes waited for me at East Lake, and a black kitten talked to me from the adjacent cage as I picked them up :)

One blue jay adolescent, who squawked at me the whole trip, but conversationally rather than angrily:

Two of the famous Texas bunny-birds, I am guessing someone accidentally upended a nest:

Other shots taken round the place:

Rustle-bump-nudge of baby doves; at least two mourning and I think one white-wing in here

Brown thrasher. I never met one of these before but they are personable, and playful. After we fed him and put him in a carrier, he busied himself upending and half-shredding the bedding.

The difference between swifts and sparrows: vertical versus not.

A bocks of mocks :)

Not sure what type of sparrow this is; Penny at Rogers told me but I forgot. It's not one of the common variety around here.

Not sure how many people have gotten a good look at a starling, and they're kind of considered pests, but they are stunning birds.

Sunday, June 15th

Running a bit behind in posting due to RL conflicts...the 15th I had a little mocker that cheeped and an angry bluejay that squawked (and pecked at the box lid) the whole way from East Lake to Rogers.

The jay's wing isn't broken or torn, just missing a lot of feathers. He'll be fine, and he sat in a carrier and griped at us for several hours after he was examined and fed.

Someone else had brought in a white winged dove and I wanted to photograph the beautiful eye coloration:

Also a heron chick in was pushed out or fell out of nest because of another fighting with it. Herons are my favorites, the scraggly little dears <3

Birds aplenty

Today's run was my first day back this year, after a quiet winter and 2 months off for Scarborough Faire. Today I picked up a white winged dove chick and a night heron. Took a lot of pics around the place as well.
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