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July the 13th...hot and humid :(

Today was nasty hot, so it's full-on summer for sure. Would be surprised if it did not hit 100 today. There's a coffee shop next to East Lake that carries Dublin Dr. Pepper so that put a little dent in the heat for me. There were 2 birds today, a juvie pigeon and a baby bluejay.

The pigeon had a back injury and could not move his legs, so Penny gave him a steroid shot and fed him. She spotted a flat fly on him when looking him over, so he got taken outside and dusted to kill it. He was dozing off in a carrier when I left.

The little jay was very young, and ate before dozing off. Once in a while he would wake up and make a little cheee noise, then go back to sleep.

As usual, I meandered around after feedings and took some shots at Rogers:

There's a Mississippi kite in with the kestrels, and it's eye-catching because it is grey against all the browny-creams.

The little brown thrasher I listed previously has grown a good bit, and wants to eat your head:

This is a cute little flycatcher that's just now getting the tail split, in previous weeks he just had a little stump like any other baby bird.

I can't remember what Penny said these were, but they were so adorable sitting on the perch cheeping in chorus. [Edit: Kingbirds! Thanks to finchwench for the ID]

All the grackles I have previously pictured have been long tailed grackles. I knew there was a regular grackle as I have seen pictures in other communities, but I had never seen one personally. There's a regular grackle chick in at Rogers and I took a billion pics because it just charmed me to bits. It kind of looks like a tiny vulture, with the baldish head, and it was so docile and sweet, feeding and then dozing off.

Look at that precious little bundle! *coo*

You can see the differences in the babies; Penny said they were about the same physical age.

It was requested that I keep you all up to date on the little roadrunner as long as it is at the center, so I can but obey. Apparently the sweet little bundle of fuzz was stolen away and replaced with a changeling monster muppet-bird:

They have little eyelashes!

And as requested, the oddly arranged roadrunner foot:


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Jul. 14th, 2008 06:12 am (UTC)
I think that those are Western Kingbirds, and they seem to be ostracizing that Mockingbird.

I so love Scissor-tailed Flycatchers; I would call them my favorite birds of Texas.
Jul. 14th, 2008 12:53 pm (UTC)
Kingbirds! That's it! *editeditedit*
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